Tuesday, July 29, 2008

10 things...well, 12.

my friend amy barton introduced this idea to our friends at dinner a few weeks ago. while waiting for our food she suggested we all write down the 10 things we can't live without. her disclaimer: it had to be silly things, not your family, or god, or anything serious, just the little pleasures in life. the five of us each wrote our 10 things down ( actually, everyone ended up with 12) and then we went around the table and shared them.

it was fun food for thought and even more fun to hear what little pleasures in life "tickled my friends' fancies"...

so here goes:
( in no particular order)

1. curved bobby pins... these are vital, and if you know me you'll know i leave a trail of them wherever i go.
2. my planner... i have the momagenda, even though i am not a mom, it is the best planner around.
3. a good pen.. the pilot v ball is one of the best
4. comfy bedding... lots of pillows, and cozy blankets
5. good blue jeans
6. a notebook... for thoughts, ideas, quotes, to do lists ( and if it is unlined i love it even more
7. bath products... H2O almond bubble bath ranks high on my list.
8. nail polish... if i had to pick one color it would be a dark red
9. a big purse...
10. seabreeze...a bit old school, but a staple in my face washing routine ( ponds dry skin cream is 10 and 1/2)
11. magazines... us weekly, dominoe, cottage living... i could go on.
12. my curling iron... the key to taming unruly curls.

a few other fun lists... for future posts perhaps...10 things i'm lovin' right now
(my number one would be la croix carbonated water) and 10 things i could totally live without.

make your own, and share it with my number 13-- good friends!

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mary straton said...

yippee! mine are coming soon...

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