Saturday, April 11, 2009

shop in your own closet... or maybe gwyneth's

there are those people we all find fascinating. i have plenty of those in real life, but in the celebrity realm, i would say gwyneth paltrow is certianly one. have you seen her blog? i guess you'd call it a blog. its a website where she posts about life in general, covering topics from food and fashion to family and travel ( too bad i didn't have an f word for travel! that would have been good alliteration!)

you can sign up and recieve the posts weekly in your email inbox, or browse through her old posts here.

in her words goop ( the site's name) is:

Goop is a newsletter that will usually come once a week. I will be sharing recipes, my personal travel notes, the advice that I get and follow, and so much more. GOOP is constantly evolving- I'm excited to have you join us.

i stumbled ( via east side bride) upon a post about cleaning out your closet, something i always find very cathartic, but also the eco-smart and economy-smart idea of "shopping in your closet." it would be easy with these old items hidden away huh?

oh and even better... she's havig an ebay auction to sell some of her items! so in case you can't shop in your own, maybe you can shop in gwyneth's...


Kat at Muddy's Bake Shop said...

I have a couple f-words that I use (in my head) when dealing with traveling... lol

and yes, awesome goop!

mary straton said...

posting on the weekend? you are hard core, my friend.

Jennifer Downs said...

Thank you for turning me on to Gwyneth's blog and I am loving all of the recipe's and tips!

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