Sunday, January 1, 2012

year end review...

As 2012 starts today I had to pay tribute to 2011. It was a good year. One of the best yet, I'd say. Why you ask?

Well let's see 2010 ended with my best pal asking me to be his wife, which meant the first 2 months of 2011 were spent celebrating, planning and feeling quite blissful.

our engagement night, December 23, 2010

a fun evening with my Oxford girlfriends celebrating my engagement.

Lauren, me and Lewis at an incredibly fun engagement party ( that happened to fall on my 29th birthday!)

my wonderful "tourism" friends ( including fellow blogger Mary Straton Smith) threw a dinner for me that made me realize how truly blessed I am to have a job that has given me such incredible friends all over the State)
my mom and I at luncheon during the wedding weekend

March brought our wedding weekend... it rained and rained and rained, and we were certainly glad we'd decided on an indoor location!

our very non-traditional rehearsal dinner.

one of our favorite wedding pictures... 
it was everything we wanted it to be! You can view the wedding slide show in this post if you want to see more.

I love to travel, and this year brought travel to Florida for a low key yet lovely honeymoon, a trip to Europe ( for work... another reason to love my job!), several trips to New Orleans and a vacation in Anguilla.

although very unflattering, this is the only photo from our honeymoon!

Nothing says New Orleans like Cafe Du Monde


We spent countless weekends and evening working on our new house, which we moved into in August.  The house tour post is scheduled and will be on here tomorrow!!

the dumpster that spent the majority of last year in the front yard!

We headed to Meridian one weekend to see one of my favorite singers in concert... Patty Griffin.  If I had a bucket list, seeing her in concert would have been on it.

I have had a lot of fun and a great creative outlet in my mom and my side business, Rambling Road Interiors...

And we've shared more than a few fun times with family and friends that all contributed to making this year go down in history as one of the best yet....

Celebrating my friend Emily's engagement with a weekend in Oxford

lewis' big catch ( on one of several trips to the River House!)

always my pal....Hayden

football season

the thanksgiving holidays with our growing family.
Lewis and Minnie Lou have taken up hunting...
and most recently we celebrated a wonderful Christmas. Here's hoping that 2012 and the start of my 30's ( eek!) can keep up!

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bluejeangourmet said...

Minnie Lou has gotten so big! I'm glad to see her fulfilling her duck dog destiny :) so happy for your wonderful year, and I can't wait to "take" the house tour tomorrow :) happy 2012!

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