Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Productive Weekend...

Although, Lewis still found some time for a snuggling with Minnie Lou, we managed to tackle a lot of projects around our house this weekend! The weather warmed up... a lot... and we spent a good deal of time outside both working and enjoying our outdoor space!

Saturday morning started out rainy, but as the rain cleared we headed to the nursery to get some herbs and small veggies to plant in my new raised beds. We ordered them from our local tractor supply store, and I am so thrilled with how they turned out! I can't wait until the plants start to grow!

You can't really see in this picture, but Lewis spent almost the whole day putting out some sod. We had a lot of dirt area from the construction of the porch and he laid a ton of sod to help fill in where we were
grassless! It made such a difference!

Sunday we moved to the front yard. You can see a peak at some of his sod in this picture! We painted and hung shutters and I am so thrilled with the outcome! You can also see some of our landscaping in this picture! It's really starting to grow. Quite an improvement over the before look huh? 

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Casey said...

Wow ya'll have done such a great job sprucing up your house! It's beautiful! And love your raised beds. I know you will enjoy those throughout the summer. I wish we had more sun other than right smack in the front of our house. I have one tomato plant in the front and my husband already thinks it looks tacky :)

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