Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Late Recap: Christmas and New Years

So where does the time go? I had great intentions of making a Christmas post back in December,  a 2013 recap and so on, but those didn't quite happen in a timely manner but for the sake of documentation I am plowing ahead. Better late than never, I assume.

December marked Millie's 1/2 birthday, these six months have flown by and have changed our lives in the most wonderful ways. It seems six months isn't long enough for all the memories we've already made to have happened!

December was filled with many Christmas outings and activities, including the obligatory trip to meet Santa!  Our first Christmas with Millie was wonderfully fun and was filled with family and friends who are like family.

On Christmas Eve, we continued the tradition of having both of our families and some good friends over for gumbo. Millie stayed up late, and was quite the darling of the party!

Lewis' mom and my dad with Millie

Millie and "Kaki"

My grandmother, Grandma

Christmas morning was spent quietly with just the three of us at home, before we loaded up for Memphis. Santa made a stop at our house, and even though we know she had no idea what was going on, it was fun to make the morning special!

Lewis surprised me with these two paintings by our friend Chad Mars, and we couldn't resist hanging them before leaving for Memphis.

Once we got to Memphis, the Millie fest continued! By the end of the day, she was one tired ( and loved) baby girl! It really is so much fun to watch our families love on her.

Uncle Matty

My grandmother, Gaw-Gaw

Too bad we didn't get a really cute photo of our family! 
Millie in her big girl chair from Santa and the gorgeous dress smocked by my friend's mother! 

As soon as the festivities ended, my Dad, Lewis and Minnie Lou were headed to the woods for some duck hunting.

All and all, it was a really wonderful Christmas!  We wrapped up 2013 with a fun evening out with friends in Oxford, and even though we were babyless, we were still home by 10:00 p.m.

2013 was truly an amazing year for our family. It's so funny to look back and think that this time last year we were waiting to find out whether we were having a baby girl or a baby boy and our minds were reeling with the anticipation of this next phase in our lives. I used the word "joy" on our Christmas card, because although it is a season of joy as we celebrate the birth of Christ, it seemed very fitting for the way I feel about this year too!


Sage and Jack said...

Love all these pics! She is too cute. can't believe she is 6 months now.

lexie johnston said...

Love her in that dress! :)
Love all the pics! Can't get over how cute she is!

Clifford Sanderson said...

You really had a great Christmas Mary, looking forward to have same/better this year. Hope you have chance to visit Nicaragua for duck hunting trip with your Dad, Lewis and Minnie Lou. I assure a fun and excellent hunting/vacation trip!

Rani Kaur said...

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