Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Favorites: May Books

Hello There... to those who still read this ol' blog! I haven't completely forgotten her, in fact I have many posts in the drafts section, but it's been a hectic and fun few months that haven't left much time or energy for blogging! See, back in January, I quit my job with Visit Oxford! It was a tough decision, and was a job I loved very much but I had some new opportunities pop up that provided me flexibility in my schedule and thus, more time with this girl! More on all that in another post....

How about a friday favorite? 

 May Books. Do y'all know about these? I've ordered some for myself - to help keep several projects organized and I ordered some for Mary Straton to celebrate her new job! You can customize the exterior and interior. Y'all know my favorite is an unlined page, but there are tons of other cute options. 

oh, and they are having a sale right now too! 

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